Hardware, Formatting and Shipping

Contact us: Before buying hardware or shipping it to us to receive the turbulent channel flow fields, please contact us to coordinate hardware, file system and shipping details.

Hardware: The data resides on a RAID system attached to a (large) personal computer. Your disk system will be connected via a SCSI or USB port to our computer. A SCSI device is preferred. Formatting: The system on which the data resides uses the Linux operating system. Thus, in order to write the data on to your disk system it must be formatted using a file system that can be mounted on a Linux system. There are many possible file systems from which to choose, but the native Linux file system ext3 is particularly appropriate. This would require that you work with a linux machine as well.

Shipping: Shipping costs (both ways) will be the responsibility of the recipient. Please provide return shipping paperwork with the shipment. For additional details contact:

    Prof. Robert Moser
    University of Texas
    Email: rmoser@ices.utexas.edu
    Phone: 512-471-3168