Three-Point Third-Order Velocity Correlation Model

We have developed an inertial-range model for the three-point third-order velocity correlation. The development of this model is described in Chang and Moser (Physics of Fluids 19, 105111 (2007)).

A fortran module has been written for numerically evaluating our model. This module, along with supporting files and example programs which use the module, are available for download through the links below.

Detailed Information

  • Download all files as a tar file.

  • Browse files.

  • "An inertial range model for the three-point third-order velocity correlation,"
    a paper by Henry Chang and Robert D. Moser
    Physics of Fluids 19, 105111 (2007).


    Contact the Authors

  • Robert D. Moser

  • Henry Chang


    Please report any difficuties with the programs to Henry Chang

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